Building Your CORE w/ Chet Scott

Chet Scott is the founder of Built to Lead, a band of coaches that believes creating sustainable high-performance teams is not only possible but also worthy of the effort. Together they awaken, challenge, and transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders. In this conversation, he explains the basic tenets of his work and shares a foundational exerciseContinue reading “Building Your CORE w/ Chet Scott”

Design Thinking w/ Nicole Dessain

Nicole Dessain is the Founder and Chief Employee Experience Designer at Talent.Imperative Inc, an employee experience design company. During her 19-year career in human resources, Nicole discovered design thinking while collaborating on a client project. She became a student of the method and got certified by IDEO U and LUMA Institute and is now a SESP LecturerContinue reading “Design Thinking w/ Nicole Dessain”

Office of the Future w/ Debra Moritz

Debra Moritz is the Head of Strategic Consulting for Cushman & Wakefield, the third-largest commercial real estate broker in the world. She oversees a team of consultants helping clients reduce cost, increase revenue, and mitigate risk. Her team has represented Fortune 1000 and mid-cap clients in business transformation, portfolio analysis, workplace solutions, M&A, and headquarters evaluation andContinue reading “Office of the Future w/ Debra Moritz”

Getting Into StoryMode w/ Jill Pollack & Beth Nyland

Jill Pollack and Beth Nyland are the founders of StoryMode, where they help business professionals spice up their communications, connect with others, and drive results. With Beth’s career in corporate communication and Jill’s background in creative writing, they are the perfect team to help individuals tap into their creative confidence and craft messages that inspire the audience to action.Continue reading “Getting Into StoryMode w/ Jill Pollack & Beth Nyland”

The Retention Expert w/ Lynn Thomas

Lynn Thomas is a tax-attorney-turned-consultant who finds innovative and novel ways to create fiercely loyal clients and employees. She is an expert in client and employee retention and helping companies thrill the people they work with. Consequently, these businesses achieve higher levels of profits, growth, and retention. Mentioned in this Episode: Thomas Consulting Extreme Humanism by TomContinue reading “The Retention Expert w/ Lynn Thomas”

Inner Excellence w/ Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy is a performance and mental skills coach to Olympic and professional athletes and business leaders around the world.  He has coached some of the world’s best golfers including world champions, FedEx Cup champions, and world #1’s. His first book, Dugout Wisdom: Ten Principles of Championship Teams came from his 38 in-person interviews of pro baseball GMsContinue reading “Inner Excellence w/ Jim Murphy”

Measure Your Mind w/ Debbie Vyskocil

Debbie Vyskocil is the Founder and President of Optimal Edge Performance, a neuroscience-based, data-driven consulting firm that coaches clients to reach peak levels of achievement. With an electrical engineering background, a psychology degree, and extensive neuroscience training, Debbie’s unique combination of scientific and emotional acumen leads her to work with some of the business world’s highest performers.Continue reading “Measure Your Mind w/ Debbie Vyskocil”

Improve Your Headspace w/ Dr. Clare Purvis

Dr. Clare Purvis is the Senior Director of Behavioral Science at Headspace. Bridging science and innovation, Clare is committed to developing and scaling health products that support people in living full and vital lives. Clare leads the company’s Behavioral Science team, which focuses on integrating behavioral science into company operations at scale, ensuring that Headspace inspires, guides,Continue reading “Improve Your Headspace w/ Dr. Clare Purvis”

Preventing Burnout w/ Kaitlyn Lyons

Kaitlyn Lyons is the founder and CEO of Delightful Movement Coaching. She helps stressed, overworked, burned-out professionals restore energy, enthusiasm, and joy. After 10 years in Fortune 300 organizations as a strategic advisor, internal consultant, and project manager, Kaitlyn excelled at challenging, high-visibility, high-pressure projects. She also burned out. Now she helps hard-charging individuals, leaders, and teamsContinue reading “Preventing Burnout w/ Kaitlyn Lyons”

Building a Better Business w/ Sam Yagan & Lindsay Verstegen

Sam Yagan and Lindsay Verstegan worked together as the CEO and CHRO of ShopRunner from 2016 until it sold to Fedex in early 2021. These two leaders worked closely from day one, setting a purposeful people strategy that led to 300% growth during their four years together. This conversation was recorded as part of Chicago SHRM‘s “HR Strategy Series”. Chicago SHRMContinue reading “Building a Better Business w/ Sam Yagan & Lindsay Verstegen”

Helping Entrepreneurs Tell Their Story w/ Justin Breen

Justin Breen is CEO of the PR firm BrEpic Communications and author of the best-selling book, Epic Business. Justin is hard-wired to seek out and create viral, thought-provoking stories that the media craves. And he finds the best stories when he networks with visionary entrepreneurs and executives who understand the value of investing in themselves and their businesses. JustinContinue reading “Helping Entrepreneurs Tell Their Story w/ Justin Breen”

Upgrade Your Health w/ Ari Levy

Dr. Ari Levy is in the business of helping people live better. As the founder of Shift, he is focused on the intersections of neuroscience, immune-physiology, and allostatic load (wear-and-tear on the body). His work and research are redefining the way we think about managing and building health and personal well-being. He joins the podcast to talkContinue reading “Upgrade Your Health w/ Ari Levy”

Post Pandemic Hiring w/ James Hornick

James Hornick is a Partner at Hirewell, where he has specialized in the recruitment of marketing and technology professionals since 2005. He created Hirewell’s Digital Experience & Marketing recruiting practice while also leading the firm’s internal strategy, marketing, and business development initiatives. James is a proponent of value-driven content and regularly shares his perspective on the TalentContinue reading “Post Pandemic Hiring w/ James Hornick”

Decision Hygiene w/ Linnea Gandhi

Linnea Gandhi is a researcher, teacher, and practitioner of behavioral science in business settings. And she’s obsessed with error; studying it, fixing it, and even embracing it to enable better decisions by individuals and organizations. Her work on error intentionally straddles academia and the real world: She teaches decision science at the University of Chicago BoothContinue reading “Decision Hygiene w/ Linnea Gandhi”

The Mental Game w/Andy Riise

Andy Riise is currently a Mental Skills Coach for the Cincinnati Reds. Originally from Oakdale, CA, Andy is an Eagle Scout, West Point graduate, and former Army Football player. Over his decorated 20 year military career as a Field Artillery Officer, Andy led Soldiers in a variety of overseas missions highlighted by multiple combat deployments toContinue reading “The Mental Game w/Andy Riise”

Living on Purpose w/ James Madison

James Madison is the Founder and CEO of On Purpose Life, where he helps professionals become more effective and inspiring leaders.  His superpowers are connecting, encouraging, and maximizing professional and personal development. James is an Army veteran who served in Germany and participated in Operation Desert Storm. After serving in the military, he spent 25 years inContinue reading “Living on Purpose w/ James Madison”

Finding Your Flow w/ Diane Allen

Diane Allen was the Concertmaster (lead violinist) of the Central Oregon Symphony for 15 years, a well sought-after violin teacher for 28 years, and the author of sixteen music workbooks sold worldwide. Today, she consults and speaks with individuals and organizations on the Flow State. Diane has developed a proprietary process that enables people to be atContinue reading “Finding Your Flow w/ Diane Allen”

Corporate Responsibility w/ Marcy Twete

Marcy Twete is a leader in Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability with a history of working with multinational Fortune 500 companies. She has a background both broad and deep in ESG (environmental, social, governance) factors, ethical decision-making, marketing, and communications. She is the founder and CEO of Marcy Twete Consulting where she advises corporations of all sizes, their investors,Continue reading “Corporate Responsibility w/ Marcy Twete”

The Only Constant is Change w/ Stephanie Waite

Stephanie Waite is the co-founder of ChangeNerd, an online community for change management professionals.  She is also the Founder & CEO of 7 AIR, a people strategy firm that unlocks & activates the people potential within organizations through consulting, executive coaching, and designing large-scale people systems, experiences, and strategies.  Stephanie serves as the President of the Association ofContinue reading “The Only Constant is Change w/ Stephanie Waite”

Kill Them With Kindness w/ Azimuth Leadership

Chris Schmitt and Scott Morley are West Point Grads, Army Special Forces “Green Berets”, and corporate leadership coaches with Azimuth Leadership. Chris founded Azimuth after 30 years in the Army to continue his life of service and pass along the leadership lessons he’d spent a lifetime learning. Whether it’s through their one-on-one and group coaching or their outdoor leadership excursion called The Traverse, Chris,Continue reading “Kill Them With Kindness w/ Azimuth Leadership”

Stop Selling w/ Pam Evanson

Pam Evanson is a Sales & Business Coach with Lappin180, a high-performance sales consulting firm working to disrupt conventional sales norms and affect change.  Pam works with business-to-business sales professionals, helping them get out of their own way so they can truly connect and serve their prospects and customers (and, of course, generate more sales). She hasContinue reading “Stop Selling w/ Pam Evanson”

Coaching as Corporate Culture w/ Julie Billingsley

Julie Billingsley is the Vice President of Human Resources at ZS Associates, a global professional services and consulting firm with 10,000 employees and contractors spanning 13 countries. Julie has been with ZS for 26+ years, helping them grow double digits year-over-year while purposely building and expanding their workforce and corporate culture. She has been integral to establishingContinue reading “Coaching as Corporate Culture w/ Julie Billingsley”

Be. Yourself w/ Jessica Zwieg

Jessica Zweig is the Founder & CEO of SimplyBe., a premier personal branding company based in Chicago.  She is an internationally award-winning entrepreneur who was named a “Personal Branding Expert” (Forbes) and a “Top Digital Marketer To Watch” (INC.) as well as a dynamic and highly sought-after speaker and presenter. Jessica has spoken on national and internationalContinue reading “Be. Yourself w/ Jessica Zwieg”

Margin & Mission w/ Niyum Gandhi

Niyum Gandhi is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Population Health Officer for Mount Sinai Health System in New York. With over 40,000 employees, Mount Sinai is the largest employer in New York City’s five boroughs. In this episode, Niyum shares his perspective as the Finance leader and how that’s changed from his days in the operations andContinue reading “Margin & Mission w/ Niyum Gandhi”

Embrace Pain to Avoid Suffering w/ Brian Bogert

Brian Bogert is a human behavior and performance coach, professional speaker, business strategist, and philanthropic leader. He teaches individuals how to leverage their authenticity and awareness to create the intentional life of their dreams. In this conversation, we discuss Brian’s philosophy of embracing pain to avoid suffering. He shares his personal journal (which includes having hisContinue reading “Embrace Pain to Avoid Suffering w/ Brian Bogert”

Building a High-Performance Culture w/ Brett Walsh

Brett Walsh is the Executive Vice President of Human Resources & Organizational Development for Graycor, a privately held family of companies employing more than 1,200 construction specialists. Brett is a member of the Graycor executive leadership team and is responsible for delivering people programs in the areas of recruitment and selection, talent development, succession planning,Continue reading “Building a High-Performance Culture w/ Brett Walsh”

Me, Inc. w/ Dr. Ray Sylvester

Dr. Ray Sylvester is an Associate Professor of Marketing & Personal Branding at Anderson University. He was a senior lecturer and leader of two music business programs at Buckinghamshire New University in Wycombe, England outside London and co-wrote the first music business program in Europe in 1996. Ray has presented across both Europe and the US onContinue reading “Me, Inc. w/ Dr. Ray Sylvester”

Paying Your People w/ Mary Mosqueda

Mary Mosqueda is the Practice Leader for Lockton‘s Total Rewards & Compensation Practice. With over two decades of experience in compensation, human resources, and work/life programs, she is an expert at designing and implementing compensation, executive compensation, and total rewards programs for both public and private businesses. She is also a national speaker on these subjects and hasContinue reading “Paying Your People w/ Mary Mosqueda”

From Trauma to Triumph w/ Dr. Sunitha Chandy

Dr. Sunitha Chandy is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with Artesian Collaborative, LLC. She has been working with diverse people and communities since 2000 to help them tap into their resources during painful and tense situations.  Dr. Chandy specializes in developmental psychology, cross-cultural engagement, and high-risk populations. She guides teams – even those with intense conflict – toContinue reading “From Trauma to Triumph w/ Dr. Sunitha Chandy”

Case Study: Tech in the Midwest w/ Nathan Peirson & Bill Neese

Paycor is a technology company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio providing Human Capital Management (HCM) software to small and mid-size employers. With over 2,000 employees, they help companies manage their people processes, including everything from recruiting to time & attendance to payroll to reporting. Nathan Pierson, VP of HR, and Bill Neese, SVP of Talent Acquisition, joinContinue reading “Case Study: Tech in the Midwest w/ Nathan Peirson & Bill Neese”

Reputation Design w/ Amy Cheronis

Amy Cheronis co-founded The Scratch Collective in 2020 to bring big brand and ad agency thinking and expertise to the world of startups and innovators. This fast-growing boutique works across industries to deliver specialized, on-call talent focused on helping good people win. Prior to scratching that itch (pun intended), Amy was US Chief Integration Officer at PR firm MSL,Continue reading “Reputation Design w/ Amy Cheronis”

Overcoming Bias w/ Greg Tall

Greg Tall is the Director of Learning & Development with JB Training Solutions, a training firm helping employees through the entirety of their career, from their first day on the job to leading high functioning teams.  Greg is a high-energy facilitator and trainer with over 15 years of experience in Talent Acquisition and Development, including stints withContinue reading “Overcoming Bias w/ Greg Tall”

Connecting the World’s Professionals w/ Sankar Venkatraman

Sankar Venkatraman is Chief Evangelist at LinkedIn Talent Solutions. As part of this role, he is responsible for bringing the voice of the customer to the product development team and drive product development that helps connect talent with opportunity for LinkedIn’s members. In this conversation, Sankar outlines LinkedIn’s many services and how individuals and businesses can get the mostContinue reading “Connecting the World’s Professionals w/ Sankar Venkatraman”

Case Study: A Virtual Workforce w/ Miranda Nicholson, SVP of HR at Formstack

Miranda Nicholson is the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Formstack, a workplace productivity solution that empowers anyone to digitize what matters, automate workflows, and fix processes—all without code. With a decade of experience managing corporate HR activities, Miranda currently leads the acquisition, onboarding, and retention of current and future Formstack employees. Even prior to theContinue reading “Case Study: A Virtual Workforce w/ Miranda Nicholson, SVP of HR at Formstack”

Befriending Your Inner Critic w/ Carolyn Sellers

Carolyn Sellers is a practicing psychotherapist with her own private practice where she works with individuals to heal and grow, resolve fears and doubts, and address old patterns and behaviors. Her specialties include, among other things, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, issues with self-esteem as well as leadership development, workplace stress, and career transitions.  Carolyn is uniqueContinue reading “Befriending Your Inner Critic w/ Carolyn Sellers”

From the Battlefield to the Boardroom w/ Mike Sarraille

Mike Sarraille is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer, a graduate of the University of Texas McCombs Business School, and now a leadership instructor, speaker, and strategic advisor for Echelon Front as well as the CEO of Echelon Front Overwatch. EF Overwatch specializes in the recruiting, training, and placement of U.S special operations forces veterans with companies seeking leadersContinue reading “From the Battlefield to the Boardroom w/ Mike Sarraille”

Jennifer J. Fondrevay on Humanizing Mergers & Acquisitions

Jennifer Fondrevay is the Founder of Day1 Ready, a consulting firm that advises forward-thinking business leaders, owners, and executives on how to prepare for the human capital challenges of M&A transactions. As a Fortune 500 C-Suite “survivor”of three multi-billion-dollar acquisitions, Jennifer has been on all sides of the deal equation. She saw countless growth strategies fail dueContinue reading “Jennifer J. Fondrevay on Humanizing Mergers & Acquisitions”

Chrisanne Christ on Innovative Community Banking

Chrisanne Christ currently serves as a Senior Partner at Centier Bank, a 125-year-old, private, family-owned bank headquartered in Merrillville, IN. She has worked at Centier for the past 24 years overseeing HR, Talent Development, Risk, Audit, Financial Intelligence, and Information Security. Chrisanne’s position allows her to work closely with Centier’s CEO and Senior Management team to helpContinue reading “Chrisanne Christ on Innovative Community Banking”

Dr. Victoria Mattingly on Diversity, Inclusion, & Allyship

Dr. Victoria Mattingly is an organizational psychologist passionate about improving the human experience at work. She is CEO and Founder of Mattingly Solutions, an HR/management consulting firm that measures workplace inclusion and trains majority group members to create a better workplace culture where everyone can thrive. Dr. Mattingly is offering People Business listeners 25% off her new virtualContinue reading “Dr. Victoria Mattingly on Diversity, Inclusion, & Allyship”

Jim Sharpe on Leading a New Team

Jim Sharpe joined Aventri as CEO in January 2020 and is focused on leading the global Aventri team as it executes on its vision to help the world Connect Better. Throughout his career, Jim has led high-performing teams in private equity-backed tech-enabled businesses. Prior to Aventri, Jim was Managing Director and GM of Gerson Lehrman Group’s (GLG) largest andContinue reading “Jim Sharpe on Leading a New Team”

Cindi Carlson on Layoffs & Job Seekers

This episode covers both sides of downsizing, including tips for employers needing to lower their headcount and individuals who find themselves in need of a new position. Cindi Carlson is a Senior Vice President for Challenger, Gray & Christmas where she is responsible for developing, delivering, and implementing outplacement consulting, job training, and executive coaching. She has successfully managedContinue reading “Cindi Carlson on Layoffs & Job Seekers”