O’Brien McMahon

In addition to hosting People Business, I am a Senior Vice President with Lockton, where I help companies build Total Rewards programs (benefits, compensation, retirement, etc.) that align with and reinforce their mission, vision, and values.

Human nature is complex. Whether we are trying to improve our health, lead a project team, or guide a business into the future, our success or failure rides on how well we can harness the psychology, behavioral science, and elemental principles that drive individual and group performance. As a father, husband, business leader, salesperson, athlete, coach, mentor, and volunteer I have seen these dynamics at play and am endlessly fascinated.

My goal with People Business is to dig into these principles and share them with the broader business community so that we can improve ourselves and our organizations. The better we get, the bigger the pie becomes, and the more we (and our people) can live rich, inspired lives.