Professional Futurist Rebecca Ryan returns to the podcast and brings with her Libby Castro, Founder and Principal at LP/w Design Studios. The two have joined forces to create the Work Better Project, a community geared towards redesigning the what, where, and how of work.

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(1:37) – Welcoming Rebecca and Libby
(1:59) – What is the Work Better Project and how did you come to work together?
(4:56) – How would you define the Work Better Project itself?
(10:07) – What signals are you paying attention to regarding work?
(15:33) – Libby, what signals are you paying attention to?
(17:45) – Have you seen mental health impacting the way we work?
(22:00) – How should we be prepared for sudden change and also how to avoid denial when change is slow?
(26:46) – Do you have a structure for how you do Think Week?
(28:29) – When faced with impending change, where do you start in the design process?
(30:26) – Do you talk about design thinking principles?
(34:03) – How do you help organizations think through the way they’re actually working?
(40:39) – How do we repurpose space? What are some alternate/radical options?
(50:10) – Do you have any good exercises for getting brain storms going?
(55:41) – What is your goal for this project?
(57:44) – What’s the purpose of work?