Dr. Andy Bass is the founder and principal of BassClusker Consulting. He works with leaders of successful businesses who are acutely aware of the rapid pace of change in the world. Andy specializes in getting them ahead of the change and bringing their people with them, and he does it in a very unusual way based on finding and using their Hidden Resources – strengths they and their people already have but are overlooking.

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(1:36) – Welcoming Andy Bass
(1:56) – What kind of work do you do and how did you come to be doing it?
(4:32) – How do you motivate groups of people?
(6:45) – What is the difference between motivation and commitment?
(13:12) – What was the exercise like to draw their commitment out?
(14:58) – Do you then ask people if you’re on track with what you have put in for their head bubbles?
(16:07) – Where does the communication need to come from to work?
(17:34) – How does the CEO model connect to this?
(18:32) – Can you tell us why you consider leaders as educators?
(23:31) – What would it look like to create curiosity in a business setting?
(28:17) – Does curiosity naturally flow toward exploration?
(31:06) – As a leader or leadership team is our task to guide the curiosity flow until it’s taken ownership of?
(32:30) – Are there any areas people get wrong when they start to implement this?
(35:26) – Do we join in the blame culture or do we focus on solutions?
(36:34) – How do military veterans handle situations differently?
(42:27) – Can you talk to the philosophy of what works and using what you have amidst limited resources?
(51:52) – Anything else you’d like to share?