When Minette Norman and Karolin Helbig heard about psychological safety, they knew it could have a big impact on their workplaces. But they struggled to find guidance on how to put the principles of psychological safety into practice. Like all good self-starters, they decided to write the book they wished they’d had. In this episode, we dive into that book, The Psychological Safety Playbook: Lead More Powerfully by Being More Human. 

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Time Codes:
(2:09) – Welcoming Karolin and Minette
(2:39) – What is psychological safety and what is it not?
(6:24) – What are the big mistakes leaders make?
(9:38) – What are the tips and tricks to foster better collaboration?
(13:21) – What does it mean to be vulnerable as a business leader?
(15:58) – Where is the line between ‘I don’t know’ and negligence?
(20:10) – How do you make the environment comfortable even if you’re rejecting ideas?
(28:06) – How do you help people through the psychological discomfort of hearing ideas they don’t like?
(34:57) – What do you do when someone fails and you have to take corrective action?  How do you communicate frustration productively?
(37:21) – How do you vent frustration?
(42:52) – How do we encourage people to open and loosen up and share more bravely?
(45:06) – What adjustments have you seen leaders have to make in this environment?
(47:01) – Are these principles effective cross-culturally?
(52:07) – What’s the purpose of business?