Gustavo Serbiá is the Head of Human Resources at Hair Cuttery, a retail hair salon with 5,000+ employees across 10 states. In this episode, we talk about the challenges of leading a workforce with few promotion opportunities. Gustavo shares lessons on how they recruit, develop talent, and help people grow inside and outside the organization.

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Time Codes:
(0:45) – Introducing Gustavo
(2:11) – Who are you? What’s your role? And where do you work?
(2:56) – What does the workforce look like?
(4:01) – Where would you rank Hair Cuttery from a wage standpoint?
(5:56) – What about the racial demographic?
(6:43) – What is the age demographic?
(7:13) – What is the entry-level like?
(8:59) – From a recruiting standpoint, how do you stand out in a retail environment?
(13:32) – What is the compensation threshold?
(21:09) – Who’s having the compensation conversation?
(24:05) – Are you developing sales skills in your people?
(27:06) – How are you encouraging stylists to think about the proactive side of bringing people in?
(32:27) – How are you teaching the proper training and principles in the development process?
(52:25) – How do you handle people who have goals that can’t be met in Hair Cuttery?