Sean Bacon is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran who served 12 years as a Paratrooper and as an instructor at the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy. During that time, Sean developed a system of training that psychologically and physically prepared both soldiers and police to thrive in some of the worst situations the world has to offer. His company, Dynamic Shift, leverages his experience to work with business leaders to develop and sustain mental toughness, leadership, and team development in competitive environments.

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(1:48) – Welcoming Sean
(2:06) – What does it mean to be mentally tough?
(3:16) – Does mental toughness mean we have to be extreme?
(5:32) – Is it something we can tap into at any time or does it need to be developed?
(6:48) – What are some ways you suggest people begin to learn mental toughness?
(9:00) – How do we inspire people to want to develop it?
(10:50) – How do we find the balance between pick ourselves up and asking for help?
(14:51) – With your military background how do they create team mental toughness?
(16:54) – Is that culling out people that don’t fit or developing it with people that you have or a combination of the two?
(19:26) – How do you advise business leaders to reach the subcultures of their organizations and teach them this?
(22:00) – Do you find that people when presented with higher standards and culture want it and will turn to it?