Skye White is a Vice President at Deed, a workplace giving platform. She joins the show to talk about the different ways companies provide giving opportunities to their employees and the reasons why you may or may not want to consider doing the same.

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(1:55) – How do you define what you do?
(3:40) – What feedback are you getting from employees about what they’re getting out of this kind of work?
(5:28) – Are you seeing employees want to make a change with the work they’re doing?
(8:23) – How many companies are offering ways to have an impact on the community?
(12:15) – How do you see organizations selecting causes to support?
(14:24) – What makes a ‘pillar’?
(16:02) – How do organizations do that while keeping from investing in things they don’t agree with?
(19:53) – Are companies that are giving or volunteering allowing it to be branded to the company name?
(22:27) – What are best practices when it comes to corporate giving of dollars?
(24:18) – What are best practices around establishing volunteer time?
(27:06) – What’s the standard as far as how many volunteer days companies are giving people?]
(30:47) – What are good starter volunteer activities?
(32:48) – What are the common pitfalls companies make when getting into this?
(35:25) – Are there any other mistakes you see companies making?
(37:44) – What are the detractors to ESG saying as to why this kind of work isn’t what a company would want?
(40:12) – How do you see companies tracking the impact of these efforts?