For twenty-five years, Bonnie Low-Kramen worked as the personal assistant to Oscar-winner Olympia Dukakis. Now she writes, coaches, and speaks to audiences of business leaders and assistants, helping them each make the most of this powerful relationship.

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(2:14) – Introducing Bonnie
(3:11) – Are we talking about administrative professionals or executive assistants?  Are there differences?
(5:02) – How has this type of work evolved over time?
(9:57) – How do you think of the virtual assistant in the scheme of things?
(12:35) – How do I know when it’s time to hire an assistant?
(18:26) –  How do I evaluate and assistant in an interview?
(21:51) – What advice do you have for someone applying for an assistant job?
(28:04) – What do you call the person who hires the assistant?
(30:24) – What are the best practices for onboarding?
(38:24) – How often do you suggest one on ones?
(42:18) – What do you say to the people who aren’t comfortable giving up control?
(44:36) – What are the best practices for giving feedback?
(50:50) – What does development look like in this profession?
(53:58) – What advice do you have to make sure the system works when the assistant steps away?
(56:58) – What advice do you have for the single assistant?