Jim Conti is the Talent Partner at Hyde Park Venture Partners. In this role, Jim provides strategic talent support and consulting to the firm’s portfolio of companies. In this conversation, we talk about how to build a people strategy in a lean, fast-paced environment and the lessons he’s learned from working across a venture-backed portfolio of companies.

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(2:19) – Introducing Jim Conti
(2:35) – What is Hyde Park Ventures and what is your role there?
(6:01) – What does the firm look for when making an investment?
(16:44) – What are the common misconceptions leaders have that you have to help with right from the start?
(22:19) – What advice do you have for leaders who are looking to build a team? What are the ways you should be evaluating the talent?
(31:30) – How do you advise leadership teams to build trust with their people?
(35:40) – Is it good to bring our ‘whole self’ to work or not so much?
(44:16) – How do you recruit good people when you don’t have money or stability to offer?
(47:57) – What do you say to someone who says we’ve just lost out on a great candidate?
(50:04) – Is slowing down and making the workplace human-centered something HR does?
(56:11) – How are you seeing companies evolve the funnels they’re using to get different types of talent?
(59:39) – What, in your mind, is the purpose of business?