Mat Duerden is a Professor of Experience Design and Management in the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University and the co-author of the book Designing Experiences. He joins the show to talk about the elements of experience design and the framework anyone can use to enhance the experiences they plan for themselves and others.

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(2:28) – How does one get into experience design?
(6:02) – Why is experience so important?
(9:07) – What’s the scope of the experience design?
(16:50) – Where does somebody start with this?  What are the first steps?
(23:32) – Can you talk about what the anticipation phase of the experience is?
(27:03) – What are some good threshold moments?
(32:46) – What are the six experience gate elements?
(37:07) – Is there anything you would add to the ‘blocking’ element?
(41:36) – What are the best ways to bring people together in a group for an experience?
(50:15) – What is the reflection phase and why is it so important?
(1:02:08) – What words of wisdom do you have for someone who’s planned out this experience and things go wrong?
(1:09:34) – How can people integrate this into their daily lives?