Lisa Kleiman is the principal and founder of Speaktopia, a public speaking coaching and training organization. She has held management and consulting positions at Fortune 500 companies and has served as a faculty member at Boise State University for over 15 years teaching undergraduate and graduate English and Business & Managerial Communication courses. Lisa is the author of several books, journals, and other publications including You Got This: Everything You Need to Master Authentic Public Speaking (2019) and Public Speaking Journal (2021).

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(2:00) – How does one become a communication coach?
(6:35) – What is passive communication? What is aggressive communication? And what is assertive communication?
(10:39) – People don’t necessarily communicate one way all the time do they?
(12:18) – Can you talk about direct and indirect speaking?
(14:13) – Where do you begin when someone wants to become a more assertive speaker?
(16:31) – How do we get better self-awareness around how we are perceived by others?
(19:58) – How can you help with the fear of what seems like aggressiveness but is really assertiveness?
(23:11) – How would you suggest I handle a situation where I need to be direct and appropriate?
(26:34) – What happens if the person reacts poorly?
(31:11) – What do we do when an aggressive speaker comes to us?
(33:31) – What are things people can say when somebody is mean to them?
(35:41) – How do you deal with someone who has a passive style?
(40:04) – How do you repair a situation when someone has gone too far?
(42:02) – Do you have any exercises to help people to move into a more assertive direction?
(49:52) – Anything we didn’t cover or that you’d like to share?