Brian Smith is the Founder and Managing Partner of IA Business Advisors, a consulting and coaching company, and co-author of The I In Team book series. He joins the show to talk about influence.

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Time Codes

(1:59) – What is influence?
(2:51) – How did you come to be an expert in influence? What was it that interested you?
(5:55) – When did you start to get interested in this?
(6:58) – What is an individual advantage?
(8:27) – How do we identify our advantages and what do we do with them?
(11:22) – What does the exercise to go inward and deeper look like?
(20:29) – What is your journaling like?
(21:29) – What would the titles be on those composition books?
(22:30) – What do you write in your morning and evening journals?
(24:09) – Is there a special reason you review a journal or is it just when you feel like it?
(25:00) – Has it changed your writing knowing your daughter’s going to be reading it?
(27:12) – What have you gained from journaling?
(32:22) – What advice do you have to find the balance between proving yourself and staying authentic?
(36:28) – What’s “The Anatomy of Peace” about?
(38:09) – What are the differences and similarities between advantages and privileges?
(41:57) – How do we build accountability to ourselves?
(43:29) – What does it look like in your organization?
(45:44) – What are the biggest differences your new partner has found between your method and a more conventional one?
(47:56) –  What are you sick of talking about?
(48:57) – What are you most excited to be talking about?
(50:21) – What is the purpose of business?