Linda  Rossetti is a business leader, Harvard MBA, and pioneering researcher who has dedicated her career to advancing our understanding of personal and organizational transformation. She is the author of two books, Dancing with Disruption and Women & Transition. She also hosts a podcast called Destination Unknown.

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(1:39) – Welcoming Linda
(2:14) – What is the difference between a disruption, a change, and a transformation?
(9:47) – Can happy events be disruptions?
(15:33) – What happens to us when we face a disruption?
(23:26) – Can you tell people how they can let go more easily?
(28:16) – How does somebody know that their voice is buried and other voices have been piled on them?
(39:07) – Reframing emotions
(51:34) – Can you talk about what choice patterns are?