Chet Scott is the founder of Built to Lead, a band of coaches that believes creating sustainable high-performance teams is not only possible but also worthy of the effort. Together they awaken, challenge, and transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders. In this conversation, he explains the basic tenets of his work and shares a foundational exercise for understanding who you are and building a strong core.

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Time Codes

(3:47) – What does it mean to have a strong core?
(7:21) – Chet’s journey to founding Built to Lead.
(11:45) – What’s your process for self-study?
(15:01) – What do you do with a book once you’re done with it?
(18:59) – What is your process for onboarding a new client?
(20:55) – Why is writing so important?
(26:51) – What’s the process for someone to build out a strong core?
(36:45) – O’Brien’s identity
(44:40) – Where’s the line between having a growth mindset and being strong in your identity?
(47:29) – Principals: I will _____
(56:39) – Passions: I love to ____
(59:54) – What advice do you have for people when they discover how they are living their life is not truly aligned with who they are?
(1:08:24) – Becoming Built to Lead