Loran Nordgren is the first repeat guest here on People Business. In this conversation, he talks about his book, The Human Element, and the framework he and his co-author have built for helping people reduce the friction that new ideas face when brought to life in the real world.

Loran is one part behavioral scientist, one part professor, and one part practitioner. As a behavioral scientist, his research explores the psychological forces that propel and prevent the adoption of new ideas and actions. As a professor, he has twice received Kellogg’s Management Teacher of the Year award. And as a practitioner, he consults with companies and business leaders around the world.

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Time Codes:

(3:45) – What was the writing process like for The Human Element?
(6:06) – How did you find the stories for the book?
(9:48) – What is the book about?
(14:33) – What are the Four Frictions?
(21:19) – Frictions are hard to spot. How do we draw them out?
(23:05) – How do people react when you flip the script on them to draw out their frictions?
(28:21) – How do we identify our own frictions?
(34:11) – Upward mobility
(37:34) – Which of the Four Frictions do you see most present in a sales context?
(43:14) – How did you use these principles for your own book launch?
(50:02) – Influencing others & Relativity
(57:06) – How to use Repetition
(1:07:10) – The importance of patience.
(1:15:52) – How can people easily buy your book?