Derek Gaunt is a lecturer, author of Ego, Authority, Failure©, and trainer with 29 years of law enforcement experience, 20 of which as a team member, leader, and then commander of hostage negotiations teams in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. As a member of the Black Swan Group, he is a negotiation trainer and personal coach. Derek has trained throughout the US and around the world, instructing business organizations on how to apply hostage negotiation practices and principles to their world. His training has helped leaders and their organizations increase their performance by changing the way they think about communicating one person to another.

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Time Codes:

(3:14) – Derek’s background in law enforcement and hostage negotiation.

(5:58) – What were some tactics you used as a street cop to get people to comply?

(8:18) – Derek’s mindset during a confrontation and the importance of humanizing suspects.

(14:31) – How do you protect yourself emotionally from the toll these confrontations take on you?

(17:52) – What’s the mindset someone should bring into a negotiation conversation?

(22:07) – How do you define a negotiation?

(23:42) – What should someone do when triggered during a tough negotiation conversation?

(27:49) – Can you train yourself out of being emotionally triggered?

(30:00) – Labeling negative emotions.

(32:38) – The Accusation Audit.

(38:23) – Can you overdo these techniques?

(44:35) – How do you define ‘Tactical Empathy’?

(46:13) – You can’t plant a negative idea in someone’s head.

(53:12) – What are you sick of talking about? What are you most excited to be talking about?

(54:42) – Wrap Up