At the age of 30, Jon Morris started a digital marketing agency called Rise Interactive. When Jon sold Rise 16 years later, it was one of the largest Independent Digital Agencies in the world. Through Ramsay Innovations, Jon’s new passion is to help 1,000 businesses grow and thrive, just as Rise did.

Time Codes:

(2:48) – What is Ramsay Innovations?
(3:42) – What’s the origin story for Rise Interactive?
(4:52) – Are companies looking to be taught skills or to offload work?
(11:18) – What made you think that financial people would be good for marketing roles?
(13:00) – What does it mean to be “data-driven”?
(14:22) – How do you ask the right questions?
(18:00) – Is your process Design Thinking?
(19:27) – When do you know that you’ve looked at enough data?
(22:08) – Having only 60-70% of information to make a decision.
(23:54) – How do you coach your clients to make more decisions?
(26:01) – It’s business AND it’s personal.
(28:32) – Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.
(33:58) – What is the Ramsay Method?
(39:15) – What does ‘Grow Simply’ mean?
(40:38) – What are the mistakes you see leaders making when it comes to growth?
(43:51) – Defining Sales vs. Marketing
(45:29) – Thinking of your business budget as financial investing.
(47:21) – What are you sick of talking about?
(48:02) – What are you most excited to be talking about?
(48:35) – What is the purpose of business?