Debra Moritz is the Head of Strategic Consulting for Cushman & Wakefield, the third-largest commercial real estate broker in the world. She oversees a team of consultants helping clients reduce cost, increase revenue, and mitigate risk. Her team has represented Fortune 1000 and mid-cap clients in business transformation, portfolio analysis, workplace solutions, M&A, and headquarters evaluation and repositioning. Debra has developed an in-depth understanding of the complex and unique challenges businesses face in ensuring that major real estate decisions are aligned with and support core business objectives. She is an expert on the physical spaces where people do their work and has insights into what the post-pandemic workspace will look like.

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(3:36) – What is Cushman & Wakefield and what do you do at the firm?
(4:20) – Where do you begin when helping a new client rethink their office strategy?
(6:03) – What data should business leaders pay attention to?
(9:28) – People vote with their feet.
(13:16) – How important is the physical workspace to the work being done?
(24:36) – Is it too early to see what a successful post-Covid work strategy looks like?
(30:10) – How do you get people up and moving and interacting with each other?
(32:02) – Adaptable workspaces.
(36:12) – What do you say to the leader who is hesitant to change the way people work?
(38:34) – Why there won’t be a shift in the square foot required per person.
(41:50) – How do you measure experience-per-square-foot?
(45:24) – Mental and Behavioral health impacts.
(47:36) – The benefits of nature.
(52:05) – What is the wildest thing you’ve seen people do with their office space?
(55:19) – How should a small to mid-sized business think about improving their office space?
(59:55) – What is the purpose of business?
(1:01:17) – How can people get in touch with you?