Jill Pollack and Beth Nyland are the founders of StoryMode, where they help business professionals spice up their communications, connect with others, and drive results. With Beth’s career in corporate communication and Jill’s background in creative writing, they are the perfect team to help individuals tap into their creative confidence and craft messages that inspire the audience to action.

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(3:33) – What is StoryMode?
(5:01) – What makes a good story?
(7:49) – What is it about a story that makes us connect emotionally?
(13:15) – What place does storytelling have in business?
(16:10) – What are the misconceptions from the business community around the value of story?
(19:50) – What is C.R.A.P.?
(23:00) – How do you help clients cut the C.R.A.P.?
(31:01) – How can people begin to use story?
(35:18) – What are the best ways to practice building a story into a business setting?
(39:05) – Workshopping & Peer Editing
(46:01) – How do you use stories in data-heavy presentations?
(50:57) – The importance of note-taking, first drafts, and peer feedback.
(57:41) – Do clients have to change their workflows to better understand story?
(59:25) – The power of word choice.
(1:05:59) – What are you sick of talking about when it comes to storytelling?
(1:09:16) – What are you most excited to be talking about?
(1:10:56) – What is the purpose of business?
(1:15:00) – Where can people learn more?