Rebecca Ryan is a noted futurist, economist, best-selling author, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of NEXT Generation Consulting through which she partners with private and public sector leaders across the country. Looking a generation ahead, she outlines strategies in urban planning, economic development, and workforce development to ensure communities are well equipped for future trends and challenges. Rebecca is a graduate of Drake University with a certificate in Strategic Foresight from the University of Houston. She is on the Executive Committee of the global Association of Professional Futurists.


Time Codes:

(3:00) – What is a futurist, and what does your work look like?
(6:30) – Are there any other ways you try to simplify your work?
(10:38) – How do you know which weak signals to pay attention to?
(12:58) – What is your process for scanning all of this data and information in your futurist work?
(16:35) – What are the mechanics for predicting the future?
(21:35) – What does a project look like that a business might bring you in for?
(27:09) – Do you have an example of a project that you’ve done?
(29:29) – How do you sit with a group to help them shake up their point of view?
(34:35) – What are some of the common biases you see getting in the way of corporate decision-making?
(37:47) – What’s the best way for people to practice breaking their biases?
(42:32) – A real-world example from O’Brien’s life.
(50:26) – How do you advise people to think about Black Swans?
(57:37) – The Strategy Paradox.
(1:01:01) – What trends are you paying attention to when it comes to human resources?
(1:04:46) – What is the purpose of business?
(1:06:04) – How can people find and engage with you online?