Randy is a coach, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, vintner, and philanthropist who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. He coaches CEOs around the country and was a former lead coach with Vistage, where he built and led a group of 16 CEOs. In 2013, Randy founded the philanthropic venture The Gratitude Network, a leadership development organization supporting the world’s most dynamic and innovative nonprofit leaders and organizations impacting the lives of children in the areas of Education, Health and Well-Being, and Children’s Rights.

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(3:30) – Randy’s backstory on becoming a coach for CEOs.
(5:07) – When you think of a CEO, what image comes to your mind?
(7:12) – What percent of CEOs would you say are self-reflective individuals?
(10:00) – What are the common challenges you see CEOs facing today?
(13:42) – Are CEOs really bought in and committed to DE&I rather than just seeing it as a trend to keep up with?
(16:26) – Where do you start when you begin working with a CEO?
(20:16) – How do you walk someone through goal setting?
(28:04) – Do you see the people you work with naturally understanding and gravitating to your methods?
(32:39) – Could you outline your 4 C’s framework?
(37:14) – How did you set up The Gratitude Network?
(42:36) – The value of doing a Cohort group.
(48:30) – Why did you choose the word Gratitude?
(51:36) – What advice do you have for people to craft something meaningful in their lives?
(56:17) – How do you do a good job when you have a lot of jobs?
(1:00:38) – Wrap up