In this special episode, Andy Riise returns to the podcast joined by retired Navy SEAL Jon Macaskill and retired Green Beret Jason Van Camp. Andy (Army) and Jon (Navy) are competing in a half ironman to raise awareness (and money) for Warrior Rising, a nonprofit helping veterans become entrepreneurs. The military-to-civilian transition can be tough and Warrior Rising is arming those who served with the skills they need to build a business and serve their communities.

If you enjoy this episode, I hope you will join the People Business team in donating to their efforts. Click the link to get in on the fun and support your favorite service branch: 

Time Codes:

(2:11) – Introductions: Andy & John
(6:55) – Where is the overlap between mindfulness and mental toughness?
(8:36) – Introductions: Jason Van Camp
(9:49) – What was the genesis for starting Warrior Rising?
(12:35) – What is the challenge and how did it come to be?
(19:26) –  How did you reorient your life around such a massive challenge like this?
(22:14) – How do you help veterans understand the consistency required to build a business?(24:34) – How do you think about friendly competition and striking the balance between community and competitiveness?
(26:41) – What are some other specifics of the challenge and how Warrior Rising is helping veterans?