Kevin Bailey is the founder and CEO of Dreamfuel, a company that helps high-performers and their teams get the mental edge they need to exceed their goals and fuel the long game.

Time Codes:

(1:50) – What is the Dream Fuel origin story?
(5:18) – How do you define mindset?
(6:38) – What’s the difference between emotions and feelings?
(14:52) – Mindset and mental performance in corporate athletes
(19:53) – How do you monitor your vitality?
(21:40) – Where can someone get started in improving their performance?
(24:58) – What are the right and wrong ways to meditate?
(32:23) – What is visualization?
(37:59) – Where is the line between visualization and manifesting?
(40:37) – When is the best time to visualize?
(43:19) – How do you help your clients make this part of their identity?
(44:44) – What are you sick of talking about?
(45:53) – What is the purpose of business?