Billie Shepard has been a professional actor and coach for over forty years. Through Billie Shepard & Associates, she leverages her acting experience and unique training methods to transform corporate speakers into influential leaders. This includes both in-person and virtual presentation skills, both of which are crucial in today’s business environment. She presents her methods in her book The Billie Shepard Presentation Method.

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Time Codes:
(2:29) – What makes a good actor?
(6:22) – How do you define intention?
(11:13) – How do you coach business people to set their intentions?
(20:19) – What’s the difference between being honest and truthful?
(24:18) – How do you coach people to find the right energy for a presentation?
(28:35) – What are the simplest exercises someone can do to get their body engaged without drawing too much attention to themselves?
(36:27) – How do improv skills relate to business presentations?
(44:12) – When you think about your work, what are you sick of talking about?
(45:26) – What aren’t people paying enough attention to?
(45:57) – What is the purpose of business?
(47:58) – Where is the best place for people to find and engage with you?