Iwo Szapar is the Co-founder and CEO of Remote-how, the world’s leading marketplace with remote & hybrid work experts. Since 2017, he has advised 600+ companies (including Walmart, ING Bank, and Microsoft) to help them optimize their distributed workforce. As a remote work expert, he co-created “Remote-how Academy,” – the world’s first certification program for remote teams, and co-hosts the annual Remote Future Summit. Iwo wrote the book “Remote Work Is The Way – a guide to making the most of our office-optional future,” and was featured in Forbes, BBC, and Business Insider.


Time Codes:
(2:34) – What’s your origin story with remote working?
(6:23) – Do you have a specific definition for Remote Work?
(9:31) – How should leaders considering remote work be thinking about culture and aspects of a business that are really built with in-person interactions?
(16:43) – Is there jealousy or animosity between employees when there are roles that absolutely require you to be in person?
(20:23) – What needs to change in a company that has previously not been remote-first?
(29:03) – Who do you see being accountable for making the shift to remote-first within a company?
(31:04) – What results are you seeing from companies who are testing out a 4-day workweek model?
(33:42) – Does better measurement mean we need better project management software?
(35:59) – What is the purpose of business?
(36:40) – Where can people get in touch with you?