Tim Schumm is the Founder and President of Lucas James Talent Partners, an On-Demand RPO (Recruiting Process Outsourcing) firm that is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional staffing agency model. Tim has been in recruiting for 16 years and is a frequent speaker on topics related to talent acquisition, leadership, and how the labor market affects corporate strategy. He was also a Chicago Crain’s 40 Under 40 recipient. In this conversation, Tim shares his perspective on the talent market as it stands today and where we might be going headed into 2023.

Mentioned in this Episode:

Lucas James Talent Partners – https://lucasjamestalent.com/
Tim on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/timschumm/
Think Like a Futurist w/ Rebecca Ryan – https://peoplebusinesspodcast.com/rebeccaryan/

Time Codes:
(2:47) – Can you walk us through 2022 from a recruiting and retention standpoint?
(6:31) – What’s the environment like today compared to the past year of burnout, quiet quitting, and hyper-wage inflation?
(10:58) – Do you see companies evolving their job descriptions with the growing lack of laborers?
(18:19) – In your experience, what percentage of employers are starting to get creative with finding talent?
(20:29) – How do you see companies successfully pitching themselves to candidates for virtual roles?
(23:14) – How do you see companies getting creative as far as going into talent pools they wouldn’t have considered before?
(24:39) – Do you see companies investing in Learning and Development?
(31:00) – Are there any other signals in the world you’re paying attention to?
(33:55) – What else is important for HR leaders to think about going into the new year?
(36:48) – What is Lucas James Talent Partners and where can people find you online?