Marc Giannettino is the Vice President of Service Delivery at WNDYR, an organization designing the future of work. He joins the show to discuss how he and his team are helping companies redesign the way work gets done.

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(2:31) – Who are you? What is WNDYR?
(3:51) –  What makes this moment in time so good for doing this work?
(6:02) –  Why is the ‘how’ so important?
(8:22) – What do you see people wanting from work?
(9:49) – What does a lack of trust look like?
(12:03) – Where do you start with a company when they approach you for help?
(17:48) – What are the biggest pain points you see today?
(21:18) –  How do you quantify work capacity?
(28:01) – How do you set up the design process?
(30:32) – How often is work so linear that it can be captured in a flow?
(33:49) – What do you say to people who would rather work with less systemization?
(43:23) – How can we factor in the employee experience so they enjoy the way work gets done?
(48:29) –  How do we implement the right level of organizational discipline?
(1:00:11) – At which point do small, iterative changes become obsolete?
(1:01:44) – what surprises clients the most when they get to the end of this work?
(1:03:09) – What is the purpose of business?
(1:03:35) – Where can you be found to engage in this work?