Claire Haidar is CEO and Founder of WNDYR and  Pattyrn, two companies focused on shaping the world of work. Through AI-driven data analysis of how and where teams work, Pattyrn is transforming organizations to work in ways that were inconceivable a mere few years ago. Claire has dedicated her career to rebuilding the workplace and reshaping the future of work across the globe.

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(2:50) – Where does your obsession with the future of work come from?
(5:45) – What is the same about work around the world and what is different?
(8:26) – How is work different in a rail city versus a driving city?
(12:23) – How easy is it to unplug from physical work versus thought work?
(16:31) – Using data on nature and mental health when creating workspaces?
(20:27) – What is the difference between focusing on the future of work and being a Futurist?
(23:07) – Pitching WNDYR and PATTYRN.
(27:22) – Is WNDYR tech-based or human workflow-based?
(29:52) – Where do you start with new clients when thinking about the future of their work?
(36:34) – Design Thinking.
(43:45) – Defining the employee experience.
(49:06) – The #1 problem for HR Leaders today.
(57:09) – Embracing risk as an HR leader.
(58:02) – How Claire is using PATTYRN to identify leadership and management improvements.
(1:02:40) – Using data to battle burnout.
(1:06:30) – Is there a correlation between people who switch tasks less often and their productivity or happiness?
(1:09:17) – What is the purpose of business?