Sue Rice is a long-time marketing strategist, professional copywriter, and international communications expert. She is the author of Tiny Thunder: Irresistible Messaging for an Overwhelmed World. In this episode, Sue shares her method of metaphoric storytelling for grabbing attention and driving action.

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(3:59) – How did you become a storyteller?
(5:24)  -What role do you see stories playing in everyday life?
(6:53) – What role do you see ‘story’ playing in work?
(11:23) –  How should we be thinking about storytelling?
(15:18) – What is a metaphor?
(20:08) – What makes a great metaphor?
(24:08) – How important are the visuals and how should people be thinking about the visuals when communicating?
(29:36) – Should we be thinking about whether our story could bring up negative impressions?
(36:38) – What emotions should we try to elicit with our stories?
(41:39) – How can people use an email to grab attention quickly?
(44:34) – What does it mean to join the conversation vs. interrupt it?
(52:45) – How do you transition from personal to business communication?