David Wood has spent over 20 years coaching thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders across 15 countries on how to do what matters, get there faster, and be extraordinary. He is the author of  Mouse in the Room: Because the Elephant isn’t Alone, a book about naming and overcoming the small voices we all have inside that keep us from connection, confidence, and self-expression. In this conversation, David shares the power of tough conversations and offers best practices to help listeners have these conversations successfully. 

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Time Codes:

(1:31) – Introducing David.
(2:38) – How did you come to make difficult conversations a focus of your work?
(13:16) – What tips do you have for someone to start a difficult conversation?
(17:35) – How do you broach a difficult subject with another person without triggering negative emotions?
(28:00) –  Have you had people use the tough conversation worksheet in real conversations?
(33:32) – How do you handle it when the other person gets negative or emotional?