Reena Kansal is a Story Facilitator and Chief Operating Officer at Leadership StoryLab, a training company that helps business professionals connect with their audience. Have you ever sat through a boring presentation? Or worse, have you ever given one where you could tell the audience was barely staying awake? If so, Reena can help.

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Time Codes:
(1:13) – What is Leadership Story Lab and what kind of work do you do?
(2:20) – What was the catalyst that made storytelling sexy?
(3:10) – How do you define Storytelling?
(4:11) – What are the elements of Story that cause people to take action?
(5:32) – What are the misconceptions that people have about Storytelling?
(7:36) – What’s a better example you’ve seen of someone introducing themselves through a story?
(9:59) – How should people think about Story length?
(13:43) – What are the other important elements of a Story?
(15:54) – What type of language should we be using in Story?
(19:44) – Are there any other techniques to storytelling that listeners can add to their toolbox?
(24:48) – How do you coach clients on word choice?
(30:50) – How do we start practicing Storytelling?
(38:14) – What surprises people the most as they begin this work?
(39:52) – Do you see people overdoing it in the beginning?
(42:05) – Do you have any exercises to help build metaphors and analogies?
(42:57) – What are you sick of talking about?
(43:26) – What do you get most excited about in your work?
(47:17) – Where can people find and engage with you?