Kay Allison has been living alcohol-free since 1999. In that time, through her company Juicy A.F., she has helped hundreds of women face their struggles with alcohol and come out the other side living amazing lives. Alcohol dominates our social functions at work, from happy hours to holiday parties. For those who feel like they might need help curbing their drinking, no matter the reason and with no need for labels, Kay is here to help.

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(2:57) – What is Juicy AF and how did it come to be?(4:39) – What was it for you that made you give yourself an honest assessment about your drinking?
(7:31) – Had you done any reflective work leading up to this realization that you wanted to get sober?
(12:03) – What does it mean to be an alcoholic?
(13:48) – What are the ways to approach someone you think has an issue with drinking?
(17:23) – What trends are you seeing as far as alcohol consumption goes?
(19:45) – How do you help people get rid of the excuses they give themselves to continue drinking?
(24:58) – What are the effects of alcohol on the body?
(29:38) – How does Juicy AF help people through the anxiety of wanting to quit drinking?
(34:54) – What are the ways you see companies starting to minimize alcohol in their social events?
(37:21) – How do you help clients step out of their comfort zones in social activities?
(40:37) – Are there any other hang ups for people wanting to experiment with being alcohol-free?
(47:16) – How do you coach clients to get to a place of more abundance and acceptance?
(55:55) – Where can people find you and your program?
(56:43) – Where would you direct men who are interested in this?