Mike Goldman is an award-winning leadership team coach and the #1 Amazon bestselling author of two books, Breakthrough Leadership Team and Performance Breakthrough. In this conversation, Mike shares what it takes to build and lead a high-performing team.

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(1:27) – How do you define what makes a good team?
(3:02) – How important is the top leader?
(4:51) – What is your assessment of the top leader when you walk into an organization?
(9:27) – How do you coach clients who may not be lifelong learners?
(14:59) – How can leaders or team members ensure that individuals are held accountable?
(21:31) – What are the 6 pillars of a leadership team?
(22:53) – What does Self-Leadership look like?
(25:01) – Do you have any exercises to help people with their focus?
(28:38) – What’s the balance of finding the right people for a team?
(33:43) – Is setting and living out values part of the execution pillar?
(40:31) – How do you think about team structure?
(46:45) – Do you find that some teams need to cut down on size?
(49:31) – What advice do you have for people onboarding to a new team?
(52:05) – What is the purpose of business?