Jeff Lovell is a coach on authentic living. He created The Great Life Project to help successful founders and executives who are good at work be great at life.

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Time Codes:
(2:19) – How did you get into coaching and what is the work that you do?
(5:43) – What are the issues that most people come to you with?
(7:16) – What is the role of a pastor and how does that influence the work you do now?
(9:26) – What do people get wrong about pastors?
(11:19) – How have you built the skill of having conversations with people at their most authentic level?
(13:38) – How do you know when to sit back and let things happen, and when someone needs a fire lit underneath them?
(16:53) – Where do you start with a new client?
(18:51) – Are there any
(20:02) – How do you help someone figure out what their big purpose is?
(28:52) – Should we all aspire to a life of helping others?
(34:39) – How do you coach clients through self-deception?
(42:32) – How does someone know whether they should be talking to a coach or a therapist?
(46:46) – What do you believe about people or businesses that might be contrarian?
(47:56) – What are you sick of talking about?
(51:02) – What is the purpose of life?
(51:52) – Where can people find you online?