Michele Ruiz is an entrepreneur, award-winning broadcast journalist, author, public speaker, and former Los Angeles news anchor for KNBC-TV. She is co-founder and CEO of BiasSync, a SaaS technology company that helps organizations identify and eliminate biases in the workplace.

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(3:00) – What is BiasSync?
(7:13) – What do you say to people who may get a bit defensive when talking about biases and stereotypes?
(17:15) – Can you speak to the concept of ingroup vs. outgroup bias?
(24:04) – Are we trying to get rid of our biases altogether or are we just trying to manage them?
(34:27) – How do you see political bias showing up in the workplace?
(39:25) – Is there a balance to a true microaggression and someone being overly sensitive?
(47:25) – What else can organizations be doing to help facilitate conversations around political biases in the workplace?
(50:48) – What are you sick of talking about when it comes to bias?
(51:15) – Is there anything you see people getting continually wrong in your world?
(52:38) – What are you most excited to be talking about?
(54:05) – What is the purpose of business?
(54:41) – Do you have any final comments?