Frans Johansson has inspired readers and audiences worldwide with his ideas on leadership and success, diversity, and innovation. He is the Founder and CEO of The Medici Group, an enterprise solutions firm that empowers organizations to leverage diversity and inclusion to build and sustain high-performing teams. Frans is also the author of two books – “The Medici Effect” and “The Click Moment” – the former of which has been translated into 21 different languages and has become the definitive book on how diversity and inclusion drive innovation. Raised in Sweden by his African-American/Cherokee mother and Swedish father, Johansson has lived all his life at the intersection.

Mentioned in this Episode:

(2:47) – Can you reconcile your statement that success is random as well as saying the harder you work the more successful you become?
(9:32) – How should we think about randomness so that we can use it to our advantage?
(14:25) – How do you advise people to get comfortable with potentially “killing your darlings”?
(19:16) – How did you get turned on Medici?
(23:07) – How do you help others think about creating intersections for themselves?
(26:50) – How do people practice this in a way that it becomes a habit?
(35:13) – Is it better to follow things that are interesting to you, or distill down the principles of what your looking for in order to find things that may be cross-functional?
(41:49) – How do you encourage organizations to have conversations around innovation and change?
(52:31) – Where do groups get the most stuck when doing this work?
(55:44) – What is your favorite intersection story?
(57:17) – Where can people find you online?