Mary Herrmann is the Managing Director of the Global Executive Coaching practice of BPI Group. She leads a team of professional coaches in the U.S. and abroad, helping organizations drive change and deliver results through proven best practices in leadership and executive team development.

With a wide range of executive coaching and team assignments under her belt, Mary offers clients leading edge thinking combined with a deep understanding of HR processes and how they impact business results. She has designed individual development plans for C-level executives, and implemented executive coaching programs for large corporations. She has also worked with executive teams to help them achieve their goals and produce greater results.

Mentioned in this Episode:

  • “Only When I accept myself as I am, can I change.” – Carl Rogers
  • When Cultures Collide by Richard Lewis

Time Codes

(2:26) – Please pitch BPI Group and what you do.
(5:13) – How do you pick the clients you’ll work with directly?
(6:46) – What is it that clients are trying to make more effective?
(8:56) – Why are we so bad at seeing the impact we have on other people?
(12:15) – How do you structure a session that you know is going to sting the client?
(20:31) – How do you translate individual coaching to the team?
(22:48) – Examples of Conflict Norms.
(31:31) – Best practices for cross-cultural communication.
(35:32) – Do you find that Americans are better, worse, or the same at recognizing their way is just one way and not the best way?
(39:34) – Coaching the Coaches: What are the skills needed to be a good coach?
(42:50) – How do you slow down and ask a question when you clearly want to give a person advice?
(50:33) – Takeaways from the conversation.
(51:10) – What is the purpose of business?