Leah Stallone is the founder of The Career Edit LLC, a full-service career strategy firm partnering with those ready to write, or rewrite, their career story. As a life-long career junkie, Leah spent the first 15 years of her professional life in talent management helping others find their professional sparkle. As “The Career Editor”, Leah shares the power of storytelling to help clients create meaningful career moments.

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Time Codes

(2:21) – Pitching The Career Edit and Leah’s work.
(3:01) – What element of storytelling do you specialize in?
(4:12) – How do you help shape someone’s resume into a story?
(6:09) – Why are people putting ‘Management’ all over their resume? Is it perceived as prestigious?
(7:33) – How do you help people decide whether they really need a new job or they just are feeling burned out?
(11:23) – What does the work look like to figure out what the issues are and what they really want to do?
(12:55) – Questions for people to journal on.
(21:22) – How do you help clients take this ‘next job’ off the pedestal and just figure out where they need to apply themselves?
(23:04) – Do you see a lot of folks turning their hobbies into careers?
(25:12) – Where do you fall on the spectrum of following your passion vs. not?
(30:24) – Learning what you don’t like instead of learning what you like.
(32:49) Role Play Scenario 1: 25-year old who doesn’t feel empowered at work because they don’t have the reps. What do they do?
(35:48) – Scenario 2: 35-year old who doesn’t feel empowered because they’re too far down the path. What do they do?
(37:51) – Networking when landing a new job.
(39:39) – What does good networking look like?
(43:51) – Networking when exploring a new field.
(52:42) – What is the purpose of a job?
(53:49) – Parting advice for someone in the job search