Bill Bloom is the founder and CEO of Bloom Financial, a financial advisory firm focused on helping individuals “Retire as You Desire”. Among other clients, Bill works with business leaders and entrepreneurs to help them figure out what to do with their money and when. In this conversation, Bill shares his insight on our most common money issues, investing in ourselves and others, and how to get the help you need. 

Bill’s Books:


(2:24) – What is Bloom Financial?
(3:11) – Bill’s Origin Story.
(4:48) – What is the purpose of money and what should our goal be for money?
(6:28) – Do you think money is a corruptor?
(12:26) – The most common relationships people have with money, good and bad.
(13:38) – What behaviors do you see money scarcity creating?
(15:08) – Changing the scarcity mindset for over-spenders.
(16:14) – How many people can answer the question “what is the point of money?”
(17:39) – What are your conversations like with people who are under-spending?
(19:40) – Money Journaling.
(22:49) – What’s the balance between being frugal with money and having an obsession with non-spending?
(28:49) – Saving, Spending, and Investing for individuals.
(31:30) – What questions should individuals ask themselves when it comes to saving, spending, and investing?
(32:43) – Debt-free is the way to be.
(34:12) – Investing money in the market vs. investing money in yourself.
(37:04) – Investing in your people.
(38:34) – Where do you see business leaders getting hung up with money issues?
(40:33) – What do you say to people who have shame around money and saving?
(44:34) – Finding the right financial advisor and questions to ask potential advisors.
(48:59) – What are you sick of talking about when it comes to your work?
(50:09) – What are you most excited to be talking about?
(50:36) – What’s a belief you have that is contrary to what others might expect or say?
(52:18) – How does someone know when to bring on a financial advisor?
(52:44) – What is the purpose of business?
(53:58) – Wrap up & Bill’s Books