Marcy Twete is a leader in Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability with a history of working with multinational Fortune 500 companies. She has a background both broad and deep in ESG (environmental, social, governance) factors, ethical decision-making, marketing, and communications. She is the founder and CEO of Marcy Twete Consulting where she advises corporations of all sizes, their investors, and key partners on environmental, social, and governance risks and reputation management. 

In addition to leading her consulting practice, Marcy also hosts Table Stakes: The Podcast for Responsible, Sustainable Businesses & Leaders, discussing the issues of sustainability with forward-thinking leaders to forecast the future of responsible business.

Mentioned in this Episode:


(2:21) – Defining Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility.
(4:22) – The origin story of ESR & Corporate Philanthropy.
(6:26) – The changing expectations of corporations & the ‘Glass Box Company’.
(7:35) – Why should companies care about Corporate Social Responsibility?
(13:48) – Companies pursuing abusive policies vs. choosing not to do anything about systemically abusive policies.
(15:13) – Where do companies start to build out solutions?
(19:55) – Where does the responsibility fall in mid-sized companies?
(22:39) – Do you see clients working CSR into their values? How are they making it part of the fabric of the organization?
(26:16) – How do you build a process that is always evolving and never fall into the status quo?
(28:23) – The importance of not becoming complacent.
(32:34) – Self-policing & having tough, effective conversations.
(40:17) – Black, white, & gray areas. 
(43:59) – What are the biggest people issues you see companies dealing with today?
(47:29) – What is the purpose of business?