Stephanie Waite is the co-founder of ChangeNerd, an online community for change management professionals.  She is also the Founder & CEO of 7 AIR, a people strategy firm that unlocks & activates the people potential within organizations through consulting, executive coaching, and designing large-scale people systems, experiences, and strategies.  Stephanie serves as the President of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) Midwest Chapter, the largest chapter in the world.

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(2:18) – What is Change Nerd?
(4:52) – Stephanie’s Origin Story
(11:49) – What’s the smallest level of change that would necessitate change management?
(14:34) – What are the key frameworks of change management?
(21:03) – Is this just an exercise in getting your people comfortable with constant change or is it about one change at a time?
(25:09) – Eliminating the term “new normal” and selecting frameworks to implement.
(32:16) – How do you coach people to be able to make the time to start these processes?
(37:33) –  The difficulty of achieving short-term steps to implement a long-term change.
(44:44) – How did you train yourself to create imagery with your language?
(53:57) – The importance of reps, feedback, and values.
(59:08) – O’Brien’s experience taking a negotiating class.
(1:00:35) – Authenticity
(1:05:31) – What is the purpose of business?