Diane Allen was the Concertmaster (lead violinist) of the Central Oregon Symphony for 15 years, a well sought-after violin teacher for 28 years, and the author of sixteen music workbooks sold worldwide. Today, she consults and speaks with individuals and organizations on the Flow State. Diane has developed a proprietary process that enables people to be at their best anytime, anyplace, no matter how high the pressure.

Time Codes:

(2:44) – What is a Concertmaster?
(4:10) – How did ‘Flow’ come into your life?
(7:22) – Stick with it or recognize when to shift?
(8:44) – When did you start to pay attention to flow?
(11:48) – How were you able to harness flow to the point where you’re now teaching it?(17:49) – Interruptions are the biggest killer of the flow state.
(18:52) – The key indicators of being in the flow state.
(23:13) – Extracting your flow strategy.
(25:34) – How do you prime yourself before getting into a new task?
(28:56) – Stories from Diane about planting the flow seed into all aspects of life.
(33:02) – The scientific data behind flow & positive feedback loops.
(37:33) – What does your work look like?
(42:06) – O’Brien’s Flow strategy.
(49:24) – Final Thoughts from Diane.