James Madison is the Founder and CEO of On Purpose Life, where he helps professionals become more effective and inspiring leaders.  His superpowers are connecting, encouraging, and maximizing professional and personal development.

James is an Army veteran who served in Germany and participated in Operation Desert Storm. After serving in the military, he spent 25 years in supply chain leadership, operations management, and customer development roles for Fortune 500 companies.  Most recently, he was a managing director at a leading executive search firm before being led into executive and leadership coaching full time.

In this conversation, we dive into James’ work helping individuals find their purpose and live life on purpose.


Time Codes:

(3:30) – How do you describe what you do?
(4:30) – Why do your clients typically come to you?
(6:01) –  How do you guide someone to figuring out what it is they should be doing?
(10:31) – How does one go about discovering their purpose?
(15:32) – Should you be working ‘in’ your purpose all the time?
(18:25) – Does your purpose have to be tied to your work?
(19:40) – Being in purpose, on purpose.
(21:22) – What are the biggest struggles your clients need to overcome in order to live on purpose?
(23:33) – Setting boundaries and saying “no” to the things they should say no to.
(25:40) – The difference between ‘Return’ and ‘Reward’.
(27:34) – How do you say “No” to a good opportunity?
(31:13) – Being clear and having confidence.
(32:55) – James’ 4-steps of coaching: Awareness, Assessment, Approach, Action
(36:09) – How do you help people come to the realization that the destination is the journey?
(39:59) – How do you help people with their relationship with money?
(42:30) – Helping people learn to shift their mindset on money before they’ve “made their money”?
(45:10) – Money makes you more of what you are.
(46:00) – How does someone know when it’s time to take action?
(47:14) – Getting out of your own head when you’re over-thinking.
(50:14) – What are you sick of talking about?
(51:07) – What should people be talking more about?
(52:01) – What do you believe about people that may be contrary to general consensus?
(52:41) – What is the purpose of business?
(53:15) – Where can people find and engage with you?