Lynn Thomas is a tax-attorney-turned-consultant who finds innovative and novel ways to create fiercely loyal clients and employees. She is an expert in client and employee retention and helping companies thrill the people they work with. Consequently, these businesses achieve higher levels of profits, growth, and retention.

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Time Codes

(2:21) – How does a tax attorney become a client and employee retention specialist?
(9:48) – Redefining what it means to “win”.
(14:11) – What are the shared principles between customer and employee retention?
(17:43) – Examples of companies delighting their employees and clients.
(24:25) – What does it mean to be a good leader?
(28:31) – What are companies getting wrong regarding employee retention?
(31:50) – Q-TIP: Quit Taking it Personally
(33:51) – How do you break down the walls when a client or customer won’t tell you the problem?
(38:59) – How did you develop the ability to ask questions?
(41:50) – Tragedy’s effect on mindset.
(46:24) – How do you coach people to change their mindset?
(50:32) – Why are people afraid to get fired from jobs they hate?
(51:54) –  What are you sick of talking about?
(57:20) – What is the purpose of business?