Jim Murphy is a performance and mental skills coach to Olympic and professional athletes and business leaders around the world.  He has coached some of the world’s best golfers including world champions, FedEx Cup champions, and world #1’s. His first book, Dugout Wisdom: Ten Principles of Championship Teams came from his 38 in-person interviews of pro baseball GMs and field managers for his master’s degree in Coaching Science. In this episode we talk about his second book, Inner Excellence: Train Your Mind For Extraordinary Performance and the Best Possible Life.

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(2:41) – Why is the statement “Sports is 90% mental and 10% physical” wrong in your eyes?
(5:24) – How do you define “heart”?
(5:57) – What’s the process when working with your clients?
(8:27) – What are the biggest fears or obstacles people you work with face?
(10:05) – Are these obstacles something every human deals with or just people who are trying to be the best version of themselves?
(12:33) – How does someone get out of self-criticism?
(14:13) – The process of rewiring someone’s inner trauma.
(19:24) – How do you become more selfless when you have selfish goals?
(21:49) – Where’s the line between ‘loving your opponent’ and giving yourself an excuse to lose?
(26:42) – Do you find that people are afraid to love?
(32:14) – How do you coach people to become vulnerable?
(35:07) – Are there things average people can do on their own to identify and work through their fears?
(38:32) – How do you define courage and help people become more courageous?
(45:18) – Mental Toughness
(47:06) – How can people find you and engage with your work?