Debbie Vyskocil is the Founder and President of Optimal Edge Performance, a neuroscience-based, data-driven consulting firm that coaches clients to reach peak levels of achievement. With an electrical engineering background, a psychology degree, and extensive neuroscience training, Debbie’s unique combination of scientific and emotional acumen leads her to work with some of the business world’s highest performers.

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(2:39) – Can you pitch Optimal Edge Performance?
(3:42) – Debbie’s origin story.
(7:23) – What is the autonomic nervous system?
(8:38) – Getting the blood back in your hands.
(10:20) – What is an EEG?
(13:02) – What does the onboarding process look like for new clients?
(18:55) – What does the exercise look like to combat ‘busy brain’? What data are you looking at?
(25:20) – What happens to the brain waves when you’re in a state of mindfulness?
(31:05) – Building resilience through data.
(34:17) – What’s the upkeep on these habits? Is there a lot of ongoing practice needed?
(35:11) – Are there common issues you see with high-performers?
(37:55) – The importance of sleep.
(46:53) – How long does it take to reprogram your brain?
(51:02) – Does trauma come up in your work? How does it affect the coaching?
(52:32) – What surprised you the most about your research into mattresses and pillows?
(58:50) – Wrap Up