Dr. Clare Purvis is the Senior Director of Behavioral Science at Headspace. Bridging science and innovation, Clare is committed to developing and scaling health products that support people in living full and vital lives. Clare leads the company’s Behavioral Science team, which focuses on integrating behavioral science into company operations at scale, ensuring that Headspace inspires, guides, and supports our members in living healthier and happier lives.


Time Codes:

(2:59) – What is Headspace?
(4:25) – What is meditation vs. mindfulness?
(6:28) –  Why is being present with a curious mind and a kind heart important?
(9:37) – How did you get to Headspace and what’s your role?
(14:01) – What’s surprised you the most from the data?
(21:00) – How does meditation affect mental health and the way one views oneself?
(25:15) – Does mindfulness help develop the prefrontal cortex in youth?
(28:27) – What insights have you gained through the pandemic?
(34:09) – How does Headspace balance keeping people on the platform without developing a social media-like addiction?
(39:02) – Is there anything about behavioral science that people can use to ‘trick’ or nudge themselves into better habits?
(48:48) – What are you most excited about in the intersection of technology and mental health?
(53:20) – BONUS: a short Headspace Meditation