Kaitlyn Lyons is the founder and CEO of Delightful Movement Coaching. She helps stressed, overworked, burned-out professionals restore energy, enthusiasm, and joy. After 10 years in Fortune 300 organizations as a strategic advisor, internal consultant, and project manager, Kaitlyn excelled at challenging, high-visibility, high-pressure projects. She also burned out. Now she helps hard-charging individuals, leaders, and teams learn professional self-care and redesign the way they work so they can sustain healthy high-performance.

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(3:30) – What’s a burnout coach? How does someone become a burnout coach?
(4:20) – Can you define ‘burnout’?
(5:34) – Is burnout the end-point of stress?
(6:38) – What are the symptoms of burnout?
(8:36) – Languishing.
(11:11) –  What does the final stage of burnout look like?
(13:52) – The stigma of mental health issues and how people can work through them.
(19:24) – You’re totally burned out. What do you do?
(21:40) – Real, practical ways to cut back and lessen your burnout.
(30:36) – Disconnection & Recharging vs. Disconnection & Numbing.
(35:22) – The impact of being in nature.
(36:22) – How do you help guide people to disconnect?
(40:28) – How did you reframe the story you told yourself to get out of the burnout?
(42:50) – How do leaders build an environment that catches burnout before it happens and lead in a way that prevents it?
(48:03) – What’s an opinion you have about people or business that would be contrarian to the rest of the world?
(56:50) – What are you sick of talking about?
(58:58) – What is the purpose of business?
(59:40) – How can people get in touch with you?
(1:02:00) – Play and Flow