Elise Gelwicks founded her first company in college to help students secure internships through networking. After working at Kimberly-Clark and in management consulting, she founded Eleview Consulting. Eleview works with companies to give their teams the skills, tools, and resources to successfully navigate the delicate dynamics of the working world. Elise has been featured in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and ABC News for her work. She teaches several courses for LinkedIn Learning on networking and career acceleration.

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Time Codes:

(2:59) – What is Eleview Consulting and what do you do?
(3:33) – When did you notice that these skills were lacking and that you were the one to teach people effectively?
(5:57) – How Elise’s parents built her communication skills.
(9:16) – Getting in your “reps”.
(12:45) –  Why is networking so important?
(15:10) – How do you define Networking & Value?
(19:22) – Enthusiasm and Passion outside of work.
(23:00) – The value of taking communication skills beyond the office and maintaining relationships.
(27:14) – Is tracking your conversations manipulative?
(30:04) – How do you advise people on their personal brand?
(32:13) – Do you have to guide people and help them be authentic?
(34:17) –  Where do you suggest people get started on improving their ability to network?
(36:17) – What are the major skills that you see as ‘underdeveloped’ in the workplace?
(39:31) – How do people eliminate filler words in their speech?
(43:04) – What are the elements of a professional presence?
(45:14) – Tone, pitch, and energy of voice.
(50:27) – How to successfully take feedback.
(58:13) – What do you believe about people or businesses that might be contrary to the mainstream?
(1:00:38) – What is the purpose of business?
(1:02:02) – Where can people find you if they want to bring your work into their lives?